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La bicicleta te dret a circular per la via, El conductor esta obligat a avançar correctament
Els ciclistes poden circular en grup i sols sels pot avançar a tots de cop
La CCUB col·labora a les bicicletades per temes socials
La CCUB reclama una xarxa ciclista comoda i segura per circular per tot el pais
Intermodalitat la bicicleta al tren ha de ser una normalitat
La CCUB reclama una xarxa ciclista comoda i segura per circular per tot el pais
No més retallades, la bicicleta es económica i eficient
La Coordinadora Catalana d'Usuaris/es de la Bicicleta is intended to protect and promote the bicycle as transportation and entertainment, in addition to working with various groups who share the same interests in Catalonia.

The main objectives that the “Coordinadora” wants to achieve are:

To exchange information between our members.

To represent and to defend the interests of cyclists in front of the Administration.

To joint action to solve the problems of bike users at all levels.

To promote cooperation between the groups they belong to the CCUB.

To offer other services to our members.

To spread the benefits of those policies that promote bicycles in towns and cities.

We want to:

We want to life in a country without contamination.

We want to bring back the streets of our towns and cities, for people to socialize and for children to play.

We are asking for:

To calm down the traffic in our roads and streets

We ask for more road safety in the city and in our roads.

We promote:

We promote the creation of a Catalan Network. We need comfortable and safe cycle routes in order to be able to use the bike as a valid mean of transport. That is why we collaborate in its implementation.

We promote and participate in the Bicycle Intergroup in the Catalan Parliament were laws affecting to bike users are discussed on a regular basis.

The bike has many advantages:

It takes up little space and is economical.

It is the faster mean of transport within the cities.

It generates no greenhouse gases, and makes noise.

Allows beneficial exercise for health, available to everyone.